There are objects that form an immediate bond with the user, making their mark on the mind and becoming instant classics. Leda is one of these. The curves of the ovoid shape contain a metaphor of origin, the distinctive feature of a product that reminds us that cooking is both art and an act of creation.

Technical Specifications

Exterior coating in porcelainised enamel.
Inner coating in TEFLON® PLATINUM.
Body in extra-thick aluminium.
Guarantee 10 years.



gas cooking
electric hob
glass-ceramic hob
radiant ring
scratch resistant
extra-thick bottom
garanzia 5 anni 10 years warranty
teflon platinum teflon platinum coating
Pentola con coperchio
pot with lid
cm.ø22 LT. 6,5  
Casseruola 2 maniglie con coperchio
Dutch oven with lid
cm.24x18 LT. 2,6  


tegame 1 manico con coperchio
Sauté pan with lid